• Individual; Single member; full voting privileges.

  • Family; Single member, plus participating family members residing at the same address; all members have full voting privileges. Complete a form for each member.

  • Student; Free for students (elementary school through college) with ID; all rights and privileges except voting.

  • Introductory; Free until the end of year (after October for the following year) for anyone who passed an Amateur Licensing Exam facilitated by TARS; these members retain all rights and privileges except voting.

TARS is a “not-for-profit” organization and dues are used to help defray the cost of repeater maintenance and club events. Most of TARS’s revenue is derived from donations, which are gladly accepted.

TARS Membership Form (PDF)

This form can be used for new members or for renewals. If you have not changed any information from last year, merely make payment to TARS, complete the form with your name and indicate your member type and ARRL membership status. For Family status, complete a form for each member. The form is also included with each issue of the TARS newsletter.

You must be a licensed amateur radio operator to join the Society.

Membership dues for the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society run $20 annually per individual or family.

Students (with valid ID) can join for free!

New and renewing members pay $20 per calendar year. However, after October, payment of dues will be credited towards the following year.

Please make your dues check payable to the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society (or TARS). Bring your check with the additional information to the next monthly meeting of the Society and give it to the Treasurer, or mail your check and this form to:

Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society

C/O Treasurer, P. O. Box 37127

Tallahassee, FL, 32315.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), their dues are $49 annually and includes a subscription to QST, their monthly magazine. Go to for membership in the ARRL. TARS is an ARRL sanctioned organization.