Study Now to Become a Ham Radio Operator

Ever wanted to be a Ham Radio Operator? Be part of leading edge technology? Talk to people around the world? Be a part of disaster communications services? Something that you thought that you’d get around to someday? Maybe it’s on your ‘bucket list’?

There’s never been a better time than now.

The Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society frequently sponsors free Amateur Radio License Classes. These are one-day classes with a short break for lunch.

The course covers the necessary FCC rules and regulations, electronic theory, and operating practice for the FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio License. Morse code is no longer required for an Amateur Radio license.


The Technician License Manual must be read before the class. The class will not fully prepare you for the exam. It’s best to allow yourself a couple of weeks to read the material. It can be ordered from the ARRL ( or 1-888-277-5289),, or from one of the local book stores. It is also suggested that you download and print a copy of the current Technician Question Pool from or before you come to class.

An ARRL Volunteer Examiner test session ($15 test fee, cash or check) for the Technician Class license usually follows about an hour after the class. Test sessions for all Amateur Radio levels (Technician, General and Extra Class) will be held the first Tuesday night of even numbered months.

Watch this website, the TARS Facebook page or the TARS newsletter for dates of the next class.

But you can order your book and start studying now. Maybe you can even take the exam before the next class is scheduled. (See the tab on How to Become a Ham).