Amateur Radio Repair

We frequently receive requests for sources for repair of Amateur Radio equipment. In December 2014, we asked the local ham community for recommendations and received the following responses. These sources are provided “as is”; they have not been checked out. Use them at your own risk.

If you know of any other good sources for repair of Amateur Radio equipment in our area, please forward that information to and we will add it to this page.


I wanted to install my Icom 2300H VHF Transceiver in a new vehicle but found it was too

complicated for me to install the power chord, having to drill the fire wall, and other tasks.

I called Williams Communications and the service manager said he would be glad to schedule me, and it could be done in about half an hour. They had about 100 reservations for full installations but he said he would work me in.

I got an appointment for the next week, work started on time and finished in 40 minutes. I checked it

out and was most pleased with it. He only charged me $35 thought the hourly minimum was $80.

I will give them a high rating and recommend them for installation work.

Riley Kinney



Williams Communications is an authorized Icom service facility. They’re on W. Tharpe, west of Cap. Circle. While mostly 2-way radio, they’ve run diagnostics on an IC 706mkIIG I own to determine what was going wrong with it and, after the rig having made 3 trips to Icom America in WA with no joy, Williams zeroed right in on the problem.

As a go-to for general radio repair, probably not, but at least they helped with my Icom.


Send them to Williams Communications in Tallahassee. Full service bench repairs at reasonable rates.



There is a fellow in Crawfordville named Greg who has a small shop in the same building as 3Y Lawn Equipment. He is a licensed ham and a certified repair technician. His cell number is 334-221-3322. He has one or two other radio shops, I believe one is in Georgia, not sure where. Hope this helps.


Not sure if they work on radio’s other that for aviation but I have had good experiences in the past with Capital Avionics:

General Inquiries:

Capital Avionics, Inc.

3701 Hartsfield Rd.

Tallahassee, FL 32303

Ph: 850-575-4028

Fx: 850-575-7441


In addition, back in 2011, the following appeared in the TARS Newsletter. Its status has not been updated.


Here is info on TV shop that does

Amateur Radio repair in Quitman, GA

Ley’s Radio & TV

1150 Webster Rd, Quitman, GA

(229) 263-4861

I suggest you look up their address on

MapQuest before driving to Quitman.

It is just 1 turn off of Hwy 84 East – but

it is about 3 or 4 miles up to their shop.

They are very good!

Tell them N0TW, Terry, recommended


73, Terry, N0TW